Strategic / Communications Advisor to Secretary General

After working as an advisor to HE Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak for several years, James was requested to gain an insiders view to The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi in order to institutionalise a new way of looking at the role of communications and oversee considerable institutional change. For over three years he fulfilled a long-term secondment as Director of Public Relations and Communications to the agency and was a member of the Executive Management Committee.

This scope of work was broad; including speech-writing, development of the organisations messaging strategy, communications channel strategy, media and VIP relations, stakeholder engagement plans, mentoring of senior Emiratis, brand interrogation, a rebrand, organisational restructure, curation of “Art in Nature” exhibition for Abu Dhabi Festival, and the production of numerous publications and films including “Back to the Wild” – A feature documentary and a book telling the story of the world’s most ambitious mammalian species reintroduction – that of the Scimitar horned Oryx into its native land of Chad.

Examples of Work:

Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi Message House Development.

A message House was developed to ensure all 1,300 employees of EAD were fully cognisant of EADs messaging on key environmental themes, including the challenge, EAD’s position, strategy and a number of stories to demonstrate the strategy in action. To ensure that all employees, especially the executive team, had the same elevator pitch, this Message House was also delivered via a phone-friendly mobile App.

Click here to see EADs message House. Or search EAD Message House on the Appstore.

Environmental Challenges Film.

To support EADs 2016 Strategy, we produced a film articulating the key environmental challenges facing the emirate of Abu Dhabi, EADs position against these challenges, its strategy to meet them and success measures.

To view Key Environmental Challenges Film (English/Arabic) click here

Abu Dhabi State of The Environment Report

Working with a publisher we created this comprehensive snapshot of the State of Abu Dhabi’s environment including:

  • Air Quality
  • Soil Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Marine Water Quality
  • Biodiversity

And the following issues:

  • Climate Change
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry
  • Waste

The report was prepared using the internationally recognized DPPSIR framework to demonstrate the interrelation and consequences of environmental pressures.

An executive summary of the SOER was also produced in a digital format for easy mobile access.

Click here to see the State of Environment Report.
Click here to access digital State of Environment Report.

The Art of Nature.

Working with Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Festival (ADMAF) we co-curated the Art in Nature Exhibition to celebrate UAE artists and showcase some of the UAE’s most vulnerable ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.

To learn more about Art in Nature click here