About Us

Touchpoints Consulting & Communications started a little over 10 years ago in the UAE. Prior to this our team held senior positions in communications agencies, client organisations and global consulting practices.

Our offering can be broadly split into two areas:

Whilst at a first glance it may seem that these two areas are not closely aligned, success in both are predicated on a real understanding of stakeholder engagement, the development of propositions that resonate with all target audiences and implementation of real behavior-changing strategies.  This is where we excel.

What makes us different?

There are many concerns who specialise in CRM consultancy and communications development and many of them are excellent. But frankly, the ones who are equally good at producing high class creative work are few and far between.

Similarly,  there is no shortage of communications agencies that have jumped on the environmental movement bandwagon – it does after all offer great award-winning creative opportunities and the considerable budgets that Greenwashing can bring.  But few can point to long-term relationships supporting some of the leaders in environmental sustainability and the experience that brings.

This is where Touchpoints is in a league of its own.

As a ‘best of breed aggregator’, we work with some of the best talent and sharpest minds from all around the world when we’re developing our clients’ solutions. So you get the benefit of a global array of first class practitioners, but it’s all managed for you by one single point of contact.

The science behind the success

Our experience has told us that exciting, original, effective communication only takes place when it is built on the most solid foundations.

Our consultancy services will help you fully define and chart your customer lifecycle, and help you to make the most impact at every possible customer touchpoint, using every available channel whether digital or offline.

Our step-by-step process encompasses understanding the challenge, scaling the opportunities, monitoring progress, engaging stakeholders and making it happen.

You can cherry-pick these services and apply them wherever you feel they are needed most. Or you can bring us in to provide a total, turnkey solution which covers every possible requirement, from the Big Idea and its communication to the smallest detail.