Gulf Turtles

Throughout the Gulf the Marine Turtles population is dwindling dramatically.  Habit loss, commercial fishing, by-catch and pollution are all contributing factors.  But ignorance of the problem is the greatest threat to Marine Turtles.

EWS-WWF are working with the Marine Research Foundation (MRF) to raise awareness of the plight of marine turtles in UAE, Oman, Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The project also aims to provide government agencies with data to aid protection of important nesting and feeding habitats, and to create an active network for the conservation of turtles in the Arabian Gulf.

Tracking devices will be installed on turtles’ shells in 2010, in order to track their behaviour: feeding grounds, nesting areas, migration patterns, where they are being lost etc.- this will provide valuable information to assist in conservation research. At least 100 turtles will be tracked in 4 years in countries around the Middle East where turtles occur.

Touchpoints Role:

  • Development of a strategy to engage corporate and individual sponsors to help fund the project.
  • Engage communities with conservation efforts: Corporates, schools, hotels, dive clubs, general public.
  • Touchpoints are a sponsor of this initiative.

Touchpoints Solution:

  • Development of a website highlighting the plight of Marine Turtles in the UAE. (
  • Comprising:
    • Overview of the problem
    • Educational content on turtles
    • Opportunities for engagement, e.g. corporate sponsorship of a turtle
    • Link to satellite tracking of tagged turtles so viewers can understand their habits
    • Day to day commentary on each turtle by a leading turtle expert.
    • Ask our expert
    • Feedback / Turtle sightings
  • Development of Turtle Sponsorship packs that will be retailed in beach resorts, dive clubs etc.
  • Development of an engagement strategy for Dive Clubs to involve them and raise funds to protect Turtles, including a voluntary “Turtle Tax” for divers.
  • Development of communications materials to engage corporates.