Yas Marina Circuit – Customer Relationship Management

Touchpoints Consulting & Communications have been assisting Yas Marina Circuit with a number of aspects of their Customer Management strategy & implementation.


CRM Vision
To ensure that the organisation has a common view of the benefits of CRM to the organisations customers and to the organisation itself.

Customer Information Strategy
After identifying the business drivers for a data strategy we then defined the core customer data sources, data requirements, collection priority, and operational processes for the collection and use of data.

Creation of a Single View of Customers
We worked with the IT department of Yas Marina Circuit to cleanse and aggregate information from all existing customer sources.

Data-Acquisition Strategy.
A data-acquisition plan has been rolled out at events and through digital channels to augment basic customer data with customer preferences. This new data set will help Yas Marina Circuit tailor its marketing and product offering to different customer segments in the future.