It is broadly recognized in the Automotive industry that long term profitability is not about how many cars you shift in every model year, but how deep your relationship is with your customers. On average over 70% of profits come from less than 30% of a dealers customers. But the truth is very few automotive brands have effectively capitalized upon this often repeated maxim. Nissan Middle East recognized that they had a real opportunity to gain real competitive advantage by taking a holistic view to customer relationship management among many of their National Sales Companies across the GCC, North African and Mediterranean regions.

Nissan Middle East appointed Touchpoints Consulting & Communications to assist them with this task based upon their deep automotive experience from around the world, depth of Middle Eastern experience, international network of consultants and proprietary Customer Managemnt Assessment Tool, CMAT (insert link to CMAT page in tools).

Consulting Projects.
Touchpoints have assisted Nissan Middle East and their National Sales Companies benchmark their Customer Management performance against global and automotive best practices from around the world. Touchpoints have since developed a roadmap for improvement for all organizations that have been assessed.  They have also assisted many organizations with an implementation plan.

Consultancy Services have included:

  • Implementation of CMAT Healthcheck for Arabian Automobiles Company in Dubai.
  • Implementation of CMAT Healthcheck for Suhail Bahwan Automobiles in Oman.
  • Implementation of CMAT Healthcheck for Rymco in Lebanon.
  • Implementation of CMAT Healthcheck for Nurgan Motors in Azerbaijan.
  • Implementation of CMAT Healthcheck for Hasnoui Group in Algeria.

Subsequent projects have included:

  • Designing the Organisational Structure for CRM, including Call Centre set up.
  • Auditing and Planning Customer Information Capture and Improvement activities.
  • Developing an understanding and Mapping of Customer Moments of Truth
  • Developing a clear, robust and differentiated Customer Proposition.

Additional projects have included the development of  a workshop for all senior Nissan Marketers in the region on:

  • “Connecting with Digitally Engaged Consumers”

And a 2 day regional workshop on:

“Inspiring Leadership, Innovation & Creativity within an organization”


Client Testimonials:

Hani Masgidi
Group Customer Relationship Management
Manager AW Rostamani

“Touchpoints were invaluable partners in the establishment and implementation of our Customer Relationship Management Strategy.  By adopting a more one to one Customer-focussed communications strategy we were able to save Dhs.8 million in year one which went straight to our bottom line delivering a very positive ROI”

Michele I Ayat
CEO Arabian Automobiles

“Building better, deeper bonds with our customers is a never ending journey, Touchpoints Consulting & Communications have been a great help to us on that journey”

Richard Zreik
MED Marketing Manager, Nissan Middle East

“Touchpoints application of the CMAT benchmarking tool has provided valuable insights and guidance to us as we seek to implement ever-improving Customer Relationship Management. This, coupled with their regional and automotive experience make them valuable partners.”

Mima Hirotaka
Brand Manager, Nissan Middle East

I am a believer of “if it does not get measured, it does not get done. Touchpoints have assisted us greatly with the benchmarking of our CRM delivery and helped us focus on where we need to direct our energy and investment to improve and gain competitive advantage.