Heroes of the UAE

EWS-WWF: Heroes of the UAE campaign

  • Aim:
    • Raise awareness among the general public that over consumption of energy and
      water is a problem for the UAE.
  • Desired outcome:
    • Increased awareness and pledges to make sustained reductions in personal
  • Creative rationale:
    • Emotional message from children of Abu Dhabi, appealing to adults to save their
    • Tangible, rational message on money savings
    • Everyday kids dressed as superheroes as they make a heroic difference to
      household consumption
    • Message: everyone can become a hero by joining the movement

Heroes of the UAE

Touchpoints developed a masterbrand to tie together a number of sustainability/
conservation initiatives

Energy Conservation Campaign

Press ads


Energy website

Educational Spotlight

Public service announcement

The Making of Heroes of the UAE…
(we had some fun !)

Water Conservation Campaign

Press Advertisements

Outdoor / Other

Facebook application

Heroes of the UAE Press Coverage

Other initiatives

  • Celebrity endorsement at Coldplay in Abu Dhabi
  • Face-to- face talks at universities
  • Participation at school programmes
  • World Environment Day event participation
  • Rollout amongst Emaar communities