Environment 2030

Touchpoints Consulting & Communications were strategic advisors to The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi in developing the Environment 2030 Strategy.  This scope of work included:  Convening representatives from over 40 government departments, private sector companies and NGOs.  Touchpoints developed brainstorming tools and moderated sessions to define environmental issues facing the emirate and create a vision state for what was desirable and achievable by 2030.  This was then broken down into workstreams and lead entities identified which would develop a plan with a level of granularity to present to the Executive Council.  Touchpoints developed a pulication providing an overview of the strategy and an animation highlighting the challenges and solutions being developed to stem environmental degradation in the emirate – The Environmental Charter.  This animation was shared with the Executive Council and has since been a signature piece at international conferences and events.

Examples of Work:

Click here to See Environmental Charter Animation (English)

Click here to See Environmental Charter Animation (Arabic)