Touchpoints were engaged by Aldar as their Customer Relationship Management Consultants.  Our first task was to aid the Aldar team in defining a scope of work.  Thereafter as retained consultants our scope of work included, but was not limited to the following:

Current CRM Capability Assessment.

Using the SCHEMA framework we assessed Aldars Customer Management Capabilities across 15 dimensions:


This required extensive interviewing of personnel who directly, or indirectly impacted customer management practices.

Our scope then included:

Customer-Centricity Definition.

This high level workshop and associated work-streams enabled us to create a clear definition of the nature of customer centricity that is right for Aldar, considering their business aspirations, competitive market and organisational realities.

Customer Research Review and Requirements Recommendation

A full, in-depth review of all existing research and market research was the starting point for us to unearth insights into customer needs but also perform a gap analysis to recommend what additional customer and prospect research is required and when in the sales and ownership experience.

Customer Strategy Development.

We created an employee-friendly easily understood customer management strategy and infographic, including a clear articulation of the desired state and the benefits of a more customer-centric organisation.

Touchpoints scope of work with Aldar was broad and deep – a full CRM assessment strategy development and implementation, including Current Capability Assessment, Customer Strategy Development, Customer Needs Research, Proposition Development, Measures Framework. Customer Information Strategy, Customer Journey Blueprints, Customer Data & Systems Review,

Customer Management Structure Recommendtion.

We provided recommendations on the ideal structure, job descriptions, reporting lines and KPIs to realize the Customer Management Vision. Candidate briefs were developed for new hires.

Customer Management Measures Framework and CEO Dashboard

A structure and content were created for a measures framework from a top-level management KPI-set through to 30-40 operational customer-related measures. A dashboard was built to facilitate a regulate borad-level update on the health of the organisations customer management efforts.

Customer Proposition Development

A value proposition that Aldar wished/needed to deliver to its customers and any variations in this by type of customer was created.  An emotive articulation of this and appropriate training was delivered to all customer-impacting roles within the organisation.

Customer-Impacting Systems Review

A full review of Aldar’s systems and data architecture and evaluation of this against Aldar’s customer management aspirations identified untapped potential with the existing architecture, identification of supplementary systems and a business case for further investment.

Customer Value Framework Build

We Identified all customer value metrics, both monetary and non-monetary. And then created a robust and consistent way of allocating a broad-based value to customers that recognises that this value is more than the sum of their historic spend with Aldar and included some elements of non-financial value such as advocacy and influence.  Having segmented customers by value, we were able to create personalities and treat with care guidelines for different groups.  These metrics became part of the reporting dashboard for senior management.

Customer Journey Blueprints

We Identified the typical customer journey with Aldar –based upon the experience that 90% of customers have 90% of the time.  This was then broken down into the most important customer journeys (all 18 of them).  Through mystery shopping and other techniques we were able to identify real moments of truth and Aldar’s ability to impact these- to delight or dismay.  The ideal scenario customer journey was then mapped.  This became the basis of training programmes to influence and upgrade customer journeys across the organization – pre sale, during sale and post-sale.

Customer Information Strategy

We Identified and prioritised the customer information that is most important to support the defined Customer Journeys and the CRM Strategy. Thereafter we developed a strategy to support its collection and a framework for its quality management.